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My homeschoolers have just loved this lesson! Thank you so much!
Absolutely amazing! My kids can't stop, they love it so much! Thank you for making learning so fun!
Shontelle Swanson Sauls

I'm a 67 year old grandma who was never to memorize these in H.S., but with a 13 year old grandson now working on it, I gave it another go. So far I watched the first 4 and I GOT it. Given I also have MS this was a MAJOR lift to my spirits. Thanks so much!!! You do make learning accessible and fun for all, (this from a retired professor of education, me)

amazing.. I wish I could transfer this whole process to my biol 190 class… This is the best money I've spent in a long time.. great class.. I've almost got it and my recall has been 100% so far. exciting.
Joseph Yeargan

My five year old, Maiya has been reviewing the course for the last 3 weeks. She can recite the first 50 and in order. She loves it and the teachers are amazed. Once she's all done, I'll do a video. Thank you.
Christian Swann (Writer, Host and Sponsored 3 Gun Shooter)

Soooo amazing! I had to memorize the periodic table of elements to get out of my biology final. I only had a day to do it. Well, I passed my test! 100%! My biology teacher wants me to do a presentation on how I memorized it in just a day (8 hrs!)
Melanie K.

I really have to admit this is the best video course I've ever taken. EVER. I mean, this is awesome. I memorized the periodic table so now I can recite it anywhere I want. Thanks, Kyle Buchanan!

My 8 year-old daughter and I love your course. I homeschool all 4 of our girls and we are doing chemistry this year. This has been such a pleasant, end-of-summer, gearing up for school kind of bonding experience. I'm recommending the video series to our homeschool coop and other homeschooling friends.
Julianne Sherman

It's insane, you are a genius Mr. Buchanan! I have never, ever learned this quick and easily.
Brandon Y.

I am so very grateful the opportunity to experience the program you have put together. You have an amazing talent. Great story and congrats to Kyle, an incredible story teller. Kudos to you. High five. Thanks again!
Pamela Collins

Thank you! Blessings!
A. Bitting

Great course that really works. I went from zero to hero in 6 hours (including breaks). Many thanks!
John Chester

Thank you! Kyle Buchanan! If you have any additional courses It would be my pleasure to take them. Thanks.

I can't believe that I, a scientific illiterate, memorized the Periodic Table over the weekend. The cartoons are great. I'm looking forward to using your strategy to learn other lists.
Bonnie Wheaton

Kyle - this course exceeded my expectations - well done!  Thanks for a terrific experience with something I've always wanted to learn.  I'm a lifelong learner, so very much looking forward to your next course(s). 
Gregory Larsen

Ugh, this is so great! Thank you Kyle! Well done.
Andreah Samiado

As a former homeschooler - my children are now 30 and 35 - I would have loved you! I love you now because sshhhh........when I learn this, I'm going to know something in its entirety that my brilliant husband does not!! lol!! I did make up a matching game of the periodic table for my son.....not bad for the dinosaur age but THIS is fantastic!! Homeschooler and Teachers will love you. What you have done and are willing to share at such a low cost is exceedingly philanthropic of you. People like you give me hope for the world! Thank you Kyle!

Very excited and enthusiastic about your upcoming projects... I'm a lifelong learner and I actually bought the book first not because I need it but because I decided to spend 2015 learning how to learn. Part of that was improving my memory. So your book is like exercise... Plus, I was curious to see if I could do it and if I'm on the right track because I'm planning on going back to college in 2016 to get my degree in Computer Science,  & physics.
I traced the link to this site, purchased it, and mannnn...!!! With-in minutes I was AMAZED!! less than 30 minutes I learned 30 elements..
Kyle Buchanan?! As they say where I'm from: " U Da Man!! " Keep it coming...Looking forward to seeing what's next...
Ricky Anderson

this helped me so much thank you I learned the first 20 in 25 minutes thank you so much I'm going to show my teacher, this is amazing
Matthew Steen

It's working!!!!
Becky Leffler

amazing , i don't believe I had remembered first 40 elements and i have really powerful memory...all credits goes to sir kyle Buchanan:-):-)

This is AMAZING!! I do not need to memorise the periodic table for any reason - I just wanted to memorise it because I thought it would be a challenge and fun and it is certainly FUN but not so much of a challenge as it is way easier than I ever expected and although my recall is not so speedy, I can do it and what is better is that I KNOW it is right.  Cool!!
Victoria Fraser

This is excellent! Thank you!
Olivia Gillett

Well now I can say I have finally memorized the periodic table! This will be helpful for my chemistry class next year. Thank you so much!
Nicole Gizzo

Elizabeth Lynch

Downright awesome. Too bad I didn't know about this when I was in school. I memorized the list rapidly as a brain game. Hope it prevents senile dementia. I had watched your video of 1-20 and then … bought your whole video … and in the past few days have spent maybe 20 to 30 minutes a day to memorizing the whole list. It feels great to have the whole table set in my head. Now, what other memory videos do you have?

Wonderful! It is great as my 8 year old daughter can also learn with her elder sister effortlessly. Thankyou.
Beena Reddy

Ugh, this is so great! Thank you Kyle!
Wow, it worked!

Overall, I would highly recommend the “how to memorize the periodic table” video series to anybody who needs to learn it, fast. It uses effective techniques and good science to make an otherwise boring task actually rather fun, and it only takes a matter of hours to complete. If you know you need to memorize the table, give it a try.
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